To make your life easier and provide peace of mind.

To deliver advisory service without the added complications, we provide you with simple and practical solutions that need not be further decoded or broken down.

To listen to you and meet your needs about tax, business advisory, structuring or restructuring.

To believe that Simple and Efficient solutions makes all the difference.

To be recognized for providing value add to your business. To serve with Quality, Effectiveness, Professionalism and Personal touch.

We seek to widen our reach by partnering with likeminded professionals in jurisdictions around the world. With our partners and our team here in Mauritius, you can look forward to a level of service that promises satisfaction.

Our growth will come from satisfying experience we leave with our clients.

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Our Values

Saying 'yes' to everything is not our way. We see our clients as our partners – people with whom we can seek to build meaningful relationships. We serve with a passion to serve well.

Your satisfaction is our reward. Fees are a just a compensation for the service.

  •   At AMG, we promise, only if we can deliver.

  •   As professionals, expect us to be honest and true to you in our advice.

  •   We promote highest ethical standards.

Our Approach

   We work with you and your team to identify issues that you have identified or that you might have missed.

   Get to the root cause of those issues by in-depth analysis of all relevant business or process flows

   We deliver the service in stages and meet with you as we progress with building your advice

   We do not leave any option untested for suitability and workability

   We discuss with domain or local experts to ensure that the advice we provide to you is complete and accurate.

   We build an advice on any one option chosen disclosing all potential risks and full mitigation strategies.

   We work with you as per your needs and requests. The timeframe of our delivery can be as quick or as relaxed as you wish. We aim to discuss and deliver only what is best for you and your business.

   Our service does not end with the delivery of the report. We go further and assist you during the implementation stage as well.

You can count on us, every step of the way.