Tax Advice

When you think of cross border, inter-group or intra – group, mergers, demergers, acquisitions, disposals, funding, service charges or any other commercial transaction, tax (direct and indirect) could have potential impact on viability or competitiveness of your business. Better to know tax risks and possible mitigations in advance and plan it well. We provide both domestic and international tax advice to make you aware of potential risks and discuss mitigation strategies available to you. If not sure about something, please check with us.

Business structuring

Whether you are thinking about setting up a company, relocating your business or restructuring, you can speak to us and we will assist you by not only evaluating your options to find the best one for you but also, with implementing the structure along with commercial documentation required. Our research and background work will be directed to make commercially viable structure in place best suited for your needs.

Commercial & Tax Litigation Assistance

Litigation can be a demanding process. We are here to help. Research, negotiations, settlements or litigation strategies – at whatever of these stages you might be at, we are here to provide you with meaningful support throughout the litigation process. For commercial litigation matters you will find us the most desired link between yourself and the Lawyers. We study all the background material, seek missing information, help in making meaningful assessment of your case, discuss strategies and take it forward with the lawyers as per your requirements.

Drafting of Commercial terms / agreements

In conjunction with other services provided or even on a one-off basis, we are happy to discuss with you and assist in drafting the commercial terms of any agreements or similar documents. These include:

   Shareholders' Agreements
   Sale of Shares Agreements
   Non-Disclosure Agreements
   Settlement Agreements
   Trust Deeds
   Any other agreement as may be required

Back Office

We partner with reliable service providers to provide you with a range of services which includes

   Assistance for incorporation or relocation of companies
   Daily administration of your company
   Opening and managing of bank accounts
   Liaising with authorities for necessary statutory filings
   Accounting and taxation support
   Payroll administration